Thunderbolt by QIUI
This light weight plug (35gr.) is made of polycarbonate with a soft silicone outer sheath, ensuring long wearing comfort, the contacts are made of a zinc alloy so that the electrodes provide good conduction.
Due to its dimensions and adjustable intensity, the plug is suitable for beginners and advanced users.
The plug is very suitable for wonderful enjoyment due to the 5 pre-programmed vibrations.
For kinksters who like e-stim, this is also an electric plug that pulsates
provides (light and powerful) electrical stimulation.

Dive into a world where luxury and pleasure come together.
The plug is charged by a special USB cable (included),
a full charge takes 4 hours and provides many hours of fun.

5 pre-programmed vibration patterns,
3 shock mode with 5 intensities
A free drawing board for shock control.
Thunderbolt is a vibrating and/or shock plug.
The intensity of the shocks and/or vibration can be adjusted via the special QIUI app.

With a special app you have the option to use the plug all over the world
operate with an internet connection.

QIUI toy EU 

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