Little Devil by QIUI
Polycarbonate and Silicone are the main structures.
It has an easy fit. Neck circumference: 37-56 cm
The outer surface is silicone to ensure skin comfort.
The collar can be worn for a long time without allergic reactions.
Full sense of technology and a profound first impression.
Integrated design.
The product can be worn without any secondary user editing.
Rechargeable battery built-in, 20 to 40 minutes playtime per charge.
Battery life can be monitored in the app.

Lightweight design, long wearing without any pressure.
LED light curtain connection.
With the included QIUI app you can set yourself when you can move again.
You can also give a key holder control wherever it is in the world,
which determines in which position you should sit, stand or lie still.

This collar is unique in its kind, due to its bluetooth control.
Escape is not possible due to the supplied lock.

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