Cage-Ink Pro by QIUI
Polycarbonate as the main structure.
It cannot be deformed.
The outer surface is covered with neoprene paint to ensure the comfort of the skin.
Protect personal parts without allergic reactions and can be worn for a long time.
Full sense of technology and a profound first impression.
Integrated design.

The product can be worn without any secondary user editing.
Rechargeable battery, with external charger, so no need to open the cage
Lightweight design, wear for a long time without any pressure.

The curved adjustable buckle allows the testicles to relax.
0.96-inch OLED display information.
With the included QIUI app you can set yourself when you get permission to open the lock again.
You can also give a key holder control of the lock, wherever it is in the world, the ultimate sense of surrender.

This cage is unique in its kind, it has no external locking.
Escape is difficult because of the ring that can be adjusted by yourself.

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